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Everyone says that a successful company is one that maximises the potential of the individuals working within it. However, realising that people are valuable, rare, non-substitutable is not enough. People need to be motivated!!

Over the years we have learned that the best method how to motivate individuals is by letting them do what they like doing. Our human resources managers try as much as possible to employ individuals and create a post according to their knowledge and likes rather than employing people to fill in a vacant post. This entrepreneurial spirit requires a healthy dose of common sense from each member, as well as hard work and pragmatism but has triggered efficiency, productivity, and creativity.

Integration of new staff.
All new members of staff enjoy several weeks of individualized integration in which they learn their way around the company; they are encouraged to flex their skills and test their potential as they work themselves into their future job and setting.

It's more than just learning to perform a particular function. The integration program offers new staff the opportunity of developing their self-confidence in a wide array of personal and professional contexts.

Young graduates
We have openings for young graduates looking to test their career options in a range of occupations. The aim of these trial periods over several months in a variety of work settings is to help graduates learn what they can, and want, to achieve. Once they have seen the range of opportunities which the company has to offer, they can make an informed choice as to their most appropriate future posting.

Not graduated applicants
Our contractual work experience program is an integral part of the Alta Care Human Resources strategy.

Trainees enjoy mentored personal attention with clear task descriptions and full integration into the team. The purpose of the tasks assigned is primarily educational. The aim of work experience is to supplement, enrich and put into practice the theoretical knowledge acquired in a higher educational facility.

Many work experience trainees come back to take up permanent positions within the company.




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