01 - Pressotherapy With Venalta Presso ADVERTORIAL ABT001AL

02 - Iontophoresis With Body Shaper ADVERTORIAL ABT002AL

03 - Dermastir Candle Oil Body Massage ADVERTORIAL ABT003AL

04 - Slimming Program With Altadrine Physiopulsar ADVERTORIAL ABT004AL

06 - Anti-Cellulite Program With Venalta Ultrasound System ADVERTORIAL ABT006AL

07 - Anti-Stretch Marks With Power Needle And Elastin Serum ADVERTORIAL ABT007AL

08 - Dermastir Body Massage With Serum Cocktail ADVERTORIAL ABT008AL

09 - Extreme Luxury With Peel Off Muds Or Body Wraps ADVERTORIAL ABT009AL

10 - Body Exfoliation With Pellets Cranberries and Caviar ADVERTORIAL ABT010AL

11 - Cupping Massage ADVERTORIAL ABT011AL

12 - Hot Stone Massage ADVERTORIAL ABT012AL




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