01 - Struggling to control your weight? You cannot go wrong with Altadrine... AD017ART
02- Want to lose weight the Cabbage Soup Diet Way?...It's easier the Altadrine way! AD019ART
03 - Altadrine - Citrus Aurantium for Weight Loss Bitter fruit gives sweet results AD002ARTs
04 - Altadrine Strategies For Successful Slimming AD006ARTs
05 - Altadrine unlocks your body's secret to natural weight loss AD007ART
06 - Get in Shape in Time for Christmas with Altadrine Fat Burner AD013ART
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09 - Alta Care Laboratoires asks if your personality is sabotaging your diet? AD020ART
11 - Altadrine Fat and Carb Blocker with white kindney bean extract AD029ART
12 - Botanical Aspects of Phaseolus vulgaris AD030ART
13 - ALTADRINE THALASSO - clean and drain the inside to control your weight AD005ART
14 - French people are drinking "Sea water" for their well being AD008ARTs
16 - Altadrine Fat Burner cryogel for cellulite AD031ART
17 - Altadrine anti-cellulite to break down cellulite AD004ARTs
18 - New Altadrine Appetite Control on the market AD025ART
19 - Stop Chocolate Cravings with ALTADRINE APPETITE CONTROL AD026ART
20 - Altadrine stops you from excessive snacking AD027ART
21 - Altadrine fat burners now also in liquid capsules AD022ART
22 - Fruit & Vegetable Fibres for a Flat Stomach AD009ART
23 - FRUIT & VEGETABLES in tablet form - ALTADRINE AD012ARTs
24 - When a diet lacks fruit and vegetables there's ALTADRINE FRUIT & VEGETABLES AD018ARTs
25 - Altadrine Fruit & Veg with Spirulina AD028ART
26 - Drain water away safely with ALTADRINE AQUADRAIN AD011ARTs
27 - ALTADRINE - Dietary Guidelines by Alta Care Laboratoires AD001ART
28 - What is Cellulite? AD024ART
29 - Spring Cleaning Your Body - Altadrine AD015ART
30 - Can Poor Sleep Affect Your Weight? - Altadrine night burner AD010ART
31 - Altadrine body shaper in cases of water retention AD023ART
32 - Altadrine Carb Blocker Sachets for CHILDHOOD OBESITY
33 - Altadrine Fat Burner Cryogel to look beautiful and fell great well into old age



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