Alta Care Laboratoires has just upgraded its Altadrine Thalasso Drink, from just a detoxifying product, to a food supplement that exploits the beneficial and purifying properties of seaweed and fruit fibre that improve the physiological function of the purification processes.


One of the innovative elements - an added value to our product- is the "Spirulina", a blue algae particularly rich in protein, essential amino acids and lipids. With a prevalence of omega 6 over omega-3, and high amounts of gamma linoleic acid, these nutrients, if well balanced between them, are considered able to normalize the levels of blood cholesterol and improve the function of the immune system.


Studies show its ability to support the different diets by integrating the right level of minerals and vitamins to the body. With 50 mg of Spirulina, Altadrine  Thalasso Drink, will drain excess fluid, reactivate the metabolism and control weight, because when taken before a meal it will accelerate the onset of satiety, due to the amount of mineral nutrients and vitamins present in it.




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