Why are multivitamins and supplements considered 'unisex' when men and women have different bodies and needs?

What is considered healthy for a man might not fit the bill for the opposite sex. In today's world, be it fashion, beauty, day-to-day necessities or anything else for the matter - there is always the 'female' version which is made with the woman in mind. So when it comes to healthcare, why settle for less?

Alta Care Laboratoires have produced a supplement which is specific for the woman. Silvia Women Formula is also unique because it provides supplements and minerals according to the time of the day when they are needed therefore respecting the chronobiology of the body.

Silvia Women Formula is made up of two types of capsules - the pink capsules which are the day capsules, and the blue capsules which are the night capsules. For example, Calcium, although very important for the woman is only found in the night capsule as any extra calcium taken throughout the day may cause unwanted calcification.

Silvia Women Formula is a tonic specific for young, middle aged and elderly women. It helps prevent stress and fatigue, both psychological and physical. Silvia Women Formula helps women face their feminine difficult times and improve performance.

One pink capsule, the day capsule, should be taken in the morning, and one blue capsule - the night capsule, should be taken at night. One box of Silvia Women Formula Capsules contains 15 capsules day and 15 capsules night.




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