Women can perceive a strange feeling of vulvovaginal dryness during certain periods of their life; during periods of particular physical and psychological stress, or simply during the normal calendar of their life. A good remedy to relieve or prevent this annoying disorder is the product Ellegyn Intimate Wash, created by Alta Care Laboratoires. This product is useful not only for young women, who, being very careful with regards to personal hygiene, try to prevent the onset of bacteria or to maintain the vaginal muscles hydrated and flexible by not altering the normal PH, but also for women during menopause. Most women who are in this stage of their lives are only aware of the common symptoms, such as hot flushes, but are not as aware that vaginal atrophy is related to the same cause. Many believe that these disorders are attributable to old age, or to the decrease in sexual activity, and, giving up, accept to live with these problems. This is not entirely true.


Burning, pain during intercourse, and vaginal dryness are certainly symptoms due to, either the period of menopause that every woman goes through in life, or some particular stress; but it is very important to know that to prevent or cure these problems there are several remedies, from the simplest to the most complex.


Ellegyn Intimate Wash is a product that has been created and designed by focusing on the different needs of women. With a formula based on hyaluronic acid, this innovative product promotes the process of cellular regeneration and a possible increase in the volume of tissue, thus helping each woman against feelings of discomfort such as that resulting from estrogen deficiency.




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