The week before the final exams in the United States of America is known as Dead Week. It is known thus because most American students, and naturally all the students the world over, tend to save exam study until the last possible week. This is the week when all-night study sessions are the order of the day. Remaining awake and alert becomes a priority. It is the week when cramming of all subjects will eventually give rise to anxiety, irritability, stress and sleep deprivation. This pent up stress and anxiety about the exams is so real that in many colleges and schools many students open their windows at midnight and scream as loudly as possible on the Sunday of finals week. This scream is popularly known as the Primal Scream.

To aid those studying for their finals here are some revision techniques which should lead to a calmer approach to a test or exam.

• Condense information – write briefer notes making them easier to remember.

• Highlight information – Target key areas, use colours, symbols and visuals to help you remember facts.

• Audio record – Try recording points, quotes, formulae. The more you hear them the more they will sink in.

• Talk loudly to yourself – Reading your notes out loudly will help you register information.

• Timing – Practise with past exam papers against the clock to set up speed.
• Improve Memorizing Skills
Use ACRONYMS ex. CAT for category, action, timing
Use ACROSTICS ex. CROWS OFTEN NEST ….for coal oil natural-gas.
Invent MNEMONICS ex. My Very Easy Method Just Set Up Nine Planets for
Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto

Nothwithstanding all the above mentioned skills and strategies students are bound to feel tired. Anxiety, tiredness and fatigue will eventually creep in, leading to lack of concentration. Being awake for more than 18 hours produces, according to an American National Sleep Foundation survey, an impairment almost equal to being legally drunk.

ALTA CARE Laboratoire Paris reminds all students that sleep is the best and most natural solution to keep tiredness at bay and to keep the brain functioning properly. Yet it recognizes that there are moments when students do need exterior help to combat fatigue and tiredness, to keep them wide awake at examination time. ALTA CARE Laboratoires has on the market ALTASTEROL PRO+ that can help combat tiredness and fatigue. It provides the body with a shot of caffeine which will enable the student to concentrate and maintain mental alertness.  2 tablets of ALTASTEROL PRO+ is approximately equivalent to 4 coffee espressos and 8 cups of tea.

ALTASTEROL PRO+ will boost alertness immediately and will keep you alert throughout all your studies and exams.




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