This is the season when the common cold rears its ugly head; when we  experience stuffy noses, watery eyes, congestion, sore throats, headaches and sneezing. Viruses are spreading around. Colds are not only annoying because of their symptoms but also because they make us miss days of work or school, and few of us can afford the luxury of spending a couple of days in bed.

We are now all aware of how important it is to boost our immunity system to cold and flu symptoms. A healthy immune system will reduce the time you spend nursing a cold and getting back on your feet. We are also very much informed about the excellent antioxidant properties of Vitamin C and some other ingredients. But are we so sure that a good percentage of the doses of Vitamin C within the tablets that are available on the market are not being lost while in the process of reaching their destination?

The ingredients of tablets, when swallowed, have to disintegrate, then deaggregate; then they have to dissolve to form a solution before being then absorbed in the blood. This time-process produces a loss of dosage and thus the immune-system will not be receiving as much Vitamin C as is written; your immune-system will not be strengthened as much as you would really like to because of this loss of dosage that takes place during the dissolution and formation of the solution. Vitamin C enters the blood faster when in the form of a hot lemon than when in the form of a tablet.

ALTACURA INFLUDRINK HOT LEMON of Alta Care Laboratoires, is presently available on the market in a box of 8 sachets. The 1000mg of Vitamin C within each sachet has some advantages over the normal effervescent tablets. First of all the Hot Lemon Vitamin C, when taken, is already a solution. The Vitamin C enters the blood at higher doses, in a shorter period of time since it is more bioavailable. One may question the need of 1000mg of Vitamin C when the RDA (recommended daily average) is 60mg. The reason is that 1000mg is not taken for its nutrient value but for its antioxidant properties. The antioxidants in the blood do not allow the virus to attach to radicals. Viruses are flushed out when the blood is not oxidized.

Unlike other hot lemons on the market Altacura Infludrink Hot Lemon does not contain any paracetamol, aspirin, nimesulide, ibuprufen or any other medicine. Altacura Infludrink just has ingredients that help the body to fight back cold and flu, for example Echinacea. Echinacea is a flowering plant, also known as the purple coneflower, found in the North American plains. This powerful plant has long been used as a medical alternative to stimulate the immune system and protect the body from infection and disease. Echinacea works like a natural antibiotic. It attacks toxins in the blood to fight off disease and strengthen the immune system. It also reduces inflammation in the body. Typically, it is more effective if you start taking it at the first sign of a cold. The most popular use for echinacea is to reduce the duration and severity of colds, respiratory infections and sinus problems.
Now that you are well in the picture regarding the strengthening of the immune system with 1000mg Vitamin C, do not hesitate to act. Altacura Infludrink Hot Lemon is available in all pharmacies.




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