Fish oil concentrate - fish oil purity

There are basically three different kinds of fish oil on the market.  Cod liver oil, which is produced from the liver of fish, standard food grade fish oil which is oil extracted from the fatty tissue of fish, and concentrated fish oil like Cardiosteroil. The difference between these three oils lies in two things, the level and type of  their active ingredients, and their degree of purity.

To produce concentrated fish oil that is pure and that contains high quantities of the essential fatty acid EPA, Alta Care Laboratoires takes a lot more fish oil than it takes to produce standard fish oil; somewhere in the region of 100 times more. Cardiosteroil softgel for example, is concentrated so that for every 100mg of fish oil, 90% consists of pure EPA. In order to get this amount of EPA into the oil, the oil has to be distilled in such a way that the different components in the oil are identified and separated so that only the EPA is left. What you get is high-grade quality oil that is rich in EPA and free from everything else, including contaminants. 

Other oils on the market may contain different components. Basically, the oil that has been extracted from the fish contains everything else that was present in the fish at the time.  So, not only are these inferior oils much weaker and less effective, but they may also contain impurities.

Microencapsulation of the oils used in Cardiosteroil enhances the stability of the oils. You cannot get a fish oil that is pure and free from toxins without the oil going through a number of processes such as winterization and molecular distillation to eliminate them. Winterization is when the oil is chilled so that the particles, which form at lower temperatures, saturated fats for example, can then be identified and filtered out. 

Molecular distillation is a highly sophisticated process where the oil is spun at very high speeds and the different components within the fish oil can then be separated according to their molecular weight.  In this way, mercury, for example, can be extracted out of the fish oil along with other elements not required in the final product.

Cardiosteroil Softgels is one of the most concentrated and one of the most pure fish oils you can get on the market today.  Very few other oils can claim a 90% concentration of EPA, making Cardiosteroil by Alta Care Laboratoires a market leader in fish oils.




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