Millions of people around the globe suffer from bad circulation. Many of them are taking measures to rectify this condition, but millions of others are either not aware that their health problems are the result of bad circulation of the blood in their arms, legs or other parts of the body, or even worse, they don’t even bother; others may take it lightly. Their attitude will suddenly change if their next of kin suffers a stroke, or maybe death, because of a heart failure brought about by a very bad circulation. Then the usual rhetoric follows; "Ah, poor guy, he did say that he suffered from bad circulation; Didn’t she often complain that her hands and legs were always very cold."
No wonder that bad circulation, strokes, heart-attacks are called ‘silent killers’.

Blood is meant to flow smoothly from our heart through the arteries, the veins and the thinnest of capillaries at the extremities of our body, hands, fingers, feet, toes, brain, etc. Incredible amounts of blood have to travel hundreds of kilometres around our body. The heart’s job is no small feat; pumping regularly for years and years, hopefully. So why make it more difficult by blocking the way of the blood-flow.  Bad circulation is caused when fatty deposits – what we normally call bad colesterol - are accumulated in the inner linings of the artery wall. This accumulation results in the blockage of blood circulation and eventually a series of consequences, such as cold hands or feet, respiratory problems, and finally the dreaded ‘silent killer’; not necessarily in that order.

So let’s take the matter seriously and stop acting like that reckless know-it-all dare-devil driver, who then ends up with his nose up a lamp-post at the bottom of which a pretty posy is put the day after.

First things first! If you suffer from any one, or more of the following:
- Cold hands or feet,
- Swollen hand or feet,
- High cholesterol,
- High blood pressure,
- Shortness of breath,
- Fatigue,
- Headaches,
- Reduced mental clarity,
- Lethargy,
- Depression,

then it is high time that you visit your family doctor to undergo the necessary check-ups.

Even before going to the doctor you might start taking measures to improve your condition right-away. A wise driver does not wait for an engine-breakdown to service his vehicle.




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