Transparency here, transparency there, transparency everywhere. Transparency has become a must in politics, in the financial world, in sport, in fashion, in art, whatever. So it is not all surprising that consumers in the pharmaceutical, health, beauty and well-being  spheres are about to gain great benefits from the recent arrival on the market of  the highly innovative LIQUID CAPSULE. A liquid capsule is first and foremost a TRANSPARENT CAPSULE. Up to now capsules have been anonymous. A capsule in the palm of your hand may have a shape, a volume and a colour, but one has to read the label on the container or insert to get to know what this capsule really contains. With the liquid capsule a consumer will now be able to see the inside of the capsule. Within this liquid capsule there may be liquid, there may be powder, and yes why not, even another capsule.  So we are in for a very revolutionary change with regards to swallowing for health and beauty purposes.

Transparency is now going to become the differentiating element. It is going to give rise to a higher confidence. Many are the customers who dread swallowing capsules; this widespread scepticism may be due to their texture, shape, colour, or, as we said, their  anonymity. Now that the content is going to be visible,  a psychological break through is going to be achieved. The liquid capsule is bound to become the symbol of naturality. Psychologically the liquid capsule is going to be imagined as softer, easier to swallow and digest than a conventional capsule.

Alta Care Laboratoires has already a soft-gel on the market; the well-known Cardiosteroil Omega 3-6-9. The soft-gel may be considered as having been the first step towards transparency, for its liquid is visible. The soft-gel has already become the ‘standard’ in food supplement; very easy to swallow.  Now Alta Care Laboratoire is moving a step forward. It has launched on the local market the Cardiosteroil Garlic + Co Q10, a LIQUID CAPSULE, the contents of which are:
• pure
• transparent
• natural
• easy to swallow
• intended to target various health areas.

Alta Care Laboratoire’s Cardiosteroil GARLIC + CoQ10 LIQUID CAPSULE is:
• more aesthetical
• self-explanatory
• very beneficial to the end-consumer
• easy and convenient to use




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