In all cellulite treatments it is important to drain out and detox since fat is broken down. Fat is broken down mainly into energy in the process of fat burning but it is important also to drain out and detox metabolites. An Altadrine Thalasso sachet which is mixed with 1 or 2 litres of water is very effective in draining and detoxifying. The Altadrine Thalasso detox drink has ingredients and electrolytes that stimulate the metabolism to drain and detox faster. The faster the draining and the detox effect the lower the probability that fat re accumulates. Altadrine Thalasso detox drink makes sure that the de stock of fat is done correctly in an irreversible manner. It is highly recommened to have an Altadrine thalasso detox drink immediately after a body massage to benefit from the therapeutic effects of the massage to the maximum. A good body massage stimulates the metabolism of the body for at least a week after so it is also recommended to take Altadrine Thalasso detox drink for at least one week after a massage. Anti cellulite aesthetic machines provide a more intensive fat burning action than a body massage so it is very important to compliment all treatments with Altadrine Thalasso drink to detox and drain. Altadrine Thalasso detox drink is made in France by Alta Care Laboratoires.




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