ALTACURA ALLERGY tablets produced by Alta Care Laboratoires is an anti-allergy treatment for a 24 hour sustained relief. Altacura Allergy relieves allergy such as stuffy and runny nose (allergic rhinitis), watery eyes (allegic conjunctivits), hay fever, and scratchy sensations (urticaria). Altacura Allergy Tablets provides local and rapid onset of action and there is no sedating effect.

One of the most common allergies is Allergic rhinitis, an inflammation or irritation of the mucous membranes that line the nose following exposure to an allergen. Altacura Allergy Tablets is very effective in treating this condition.

Common allergens include:
•    grass or tree pollen
•    mould spores
•    feathers
•    animal danders (hair and skin shed by pets)
•    dust mites.

Allergic rhinitis can have a major impact on one's quality of life.

Jane: "Just when the weather warms up and everyone is enjoying the sunshine, I start to feel absolutely dreadful."

Marge: “The sneezing and constant streaming nose has driven me mad. Sometimes it gets so bad I can’t even go to work."

Tania:  “Evenings and nights are the worst time. I have to keep all the windows in my home shut throughout the summer to block out the pollen, but I still find that I lose about 2 hours sleep a night due to my allergy. The loss of sleep means that I often feel tired and irritable during the day.”

For many allergy means:
•    having a runny nose
•    having a blocked nose
•    sneezing
•    tiredness
•    painful headaches
•    scratching and urticaria

For others allergy means making their home allergy free:
•    removing carpets
•    buying special pillows/mattresses
•    keeping window and doors closed to reduce pollen levels in the house.
•    buying a humidifier

Alta Care Laboratoires recommends ALTACURA ALLERGY tablets to all allergy sufferers. 
•    Anti-histamine
•    Non sedating.
•    24 hour relief

•    People suffering from, stuffy and runny nose (allergic rhinitis), watery eyes (allergic conjunctivitis), and scratchy throat.
•    Children who suffer from allergy.
•    Should be used as a prophylaxis in people with high risks of allergy prior to the allergy season.
•    People suffering from sun rash (sun allergy) medically known as solar urticaria. 

There are many equivalent competing products for allergy on the market but the choice of the quality of the raw material is fundamental. When looking at the active ingredient on the insert leaflet of Altacura Allergy one may note that the active ingredient is a generic ingredient, but not all active ingredients are bio equivalent in the same manner. Alta Care Laboratoires does it utmost to be competitive by choosing the best quality ingredients for its products.

It is recommended to take 1 Altacura tablet at night or as directed by your pharmacist, doctor or allergist.

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