ALTA CARE Laboratoires has once again this year received publicity on the inner cover of the Informatore Farmaceutico 2006 (National Formulary 2006), the important Italian annual of prescription medicines and over the counter medicines for world health professionals.

The Italian National Formulary has, by law, to be available in all Italian pharmacies. Being publicized on its inner cover is bound to boost sales of Alta Care Laboratoires products in the Italian market. This has already been the case last year when the Italian National Formulary undoubtedly contributed to the diffusion of ALTA CARE Laboratoires products in Italy.

ALTA CARE Laboratoires intends to demonstrate to its clientele all that it is offering, in other words,  its range of 18 lines, made up of a gamma of over 300 products, ranging from food supplements to medical devices, as well as derma cosmetics.

ALTA CARE Laboratoires is therefore offering a wide variety of products, of high scientific content, and with a touch of luxury but definitely at a very competitive price.




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