ALTA CARE Laboratoires has chosen ADIVAR COMIFAR as its main wholesaler for some of its products in Italy.

ADIVAR COMIFAR is one of the largest wholesalers in Italy. It has 1,720 employees and 32 storehouses that cover an area of more than 110,000 square meters. Just in year 2005 ADIVAR COMIFAR organized more than 25,000 daily deliveries, distributing about 80,000 products to 12,000 clients.

In this first year, those who buy from ADIVAR COMIFAR can benefit from promotional discounts on the 17 ALTA CARE Laboratoires’ product range, choosing between more than 200 products – including food supplements, medical disposals, multivitamin products and dermocosmetics. All these products are now present in the ADIVAR COMIFAR’s annuary.

The cooperation between ADIVAR COMIFAR and ALTA CARE Laboratoires should result in clients’ needs satisfaction in a much faster and effective way.




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