If you walk into a pharmacy and ask for a multivitamin you will in all probability be given a product that is good both for women and men. This is nowadays not the case in French pharmacies, especially those in Paris, where women are asking for a multivitamin that is not only specific for women, but that is also chronobiological.

Why is this so? Do women and men have the same needs for their body?
It is exactly for this reason that the French company ALTA CARE Laboratoires has created the first and only multivitamin and supplement in the world that, that besides being specific for women, also respects the chronobiology of women. SILVIA WOMEN FORMULA provides vitamins and minerals according to, not only  the needs of the female body, but also  the time of the day when they are most necessary.

The capsules have been produced in red and blue colours, the former for the morning and the latter for the evening. French women have now got used to the idea of having not only one capsule a day, but two. One of the innovative aspects is this; calcium, for example, is present only in the evening (dosage) capsule, because it has been shown that correct fixation of calcium takes place at night, while if taken in the morning, it could cause an undesirable calcification. For similar reasons even iron and folic acid are included only in the evening capsule. Fucus that stimulates metabolism is only found in the morning capsule.

SILVIA WOMEN FORMULA apart from helping naturally to restore hormone imbalances is appropriate for any age and does not contain calories; it is helpful in times of tiredness and stress since it provides women with the energy necessary to face the difficult phases of life that only women encounter. Very shortly not only French women but all women will soon become very demanding for multivitamins and supplements that are made purposely for women since it is already widely available in pharmacies.

Alta Care Laboratoires have now launched to compliment the Silvia women formula multivitamin tablets a luxury skincare line under the brand name of Silvia. The Silvia day ampoules are to be applied to protect the skin during the day from pollutants and irritants. The Silvia night ampoules have regenerating and repairing properties.

A multivitamin for the skin to compliment your multivitamin tablets makes sense to the woman that cares.




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