Contractures, pain and stiffness are the daily experience of many among us. They increase discomfort and fatigue, and perturb everyday life. Why accept these too often neglected aches? Flodolor Ampoules are the first solution that acts at the root of joint discomfort. Often, a lack of suppleness and mobility in joints is caused by an acid base imbalance. Acidification of the body leads to troubles in all the joints. In that case, you must rebalance the body’s pH while favouring its remineralization.

ALTAZYME consists of LITHOTHAMNIUM POWDER saturated in the CITRATES OF POTASSIUM, MAGNESIUM, SODIUM, IRON and CALCIUM that while rebalancing the pH also promote remineralization.

The LITHOTHAMNIUM CALCAREUM is a micro-alga that has the property of crystallizing the minerals of the sea mainly calcium as well as magnesium, iron and other oligo-elements. ALTAZYME also consists of enzymes extracted from PAPAYA and PINEAPPLES that catalyze the process of rebalance of pH and remineralization thus relieving pain effectively.

ALTAZYME in Flodolor Ampoules is in combination with the SALICYCLATES (extracted from Spiraea Ulmaria), GINSENG and STINGING NETTLE that in combination have an excellent anti-inflammatory effect.




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