Most companies that produce cosmetics make it a point to promote their products especially at Christmas time; this they do as part of their strategy to expand their market at a national level. Very often it is nothing but a sales campaign in which the consumer is targeted aiming at an immediate monetary return. In fact very few are the companies that use a different approach regarding their Christmas promotion investment. These organize, for example, a soiree during which their very products are given as gifts to entertainment personalities thus, generating, in this way, a binomial brand – luxury.

One of the companies that has taken this trend is ALTA CARE Laboratoires. Last Christmas ALTA CARE Laboratoires gave a set of its derma cosmetic products as a gift to various Italian VIPs. The refinement and luxury of ALTA CARE Laboratoires, which in 2006 was evident in their new beauty range that has the precious regenerating extracts of caviar as a base, were very much appreciated by famous actresses like Manuela Arcuri, Anna Falchi, Giovanna Mezzogiorno, Bianca Guaccero, Stefania Sandrelli and the international star Andrea Osvart. Even other categories of VIPs were honoured by ALTA CARE Laboratoires: ladies and gentleman of the silver screen like: Giorgio Panariello, Amadeus, Elisabetta Gardini, Paola Saluzzi, Milly Carlucci, as well as young beauties of the catwalk and glossy magazinee like Sara Tommasi and Hoara Borselli. Finally, Nicoletta Mantovani (wife of the famous tenor Luciano Pavarott) and Sonia Bonolis (wife of the famous TV personality) had the pleasure of receiving the luxury dermacosmetic products of the French company.

The refinement of the packaging, the research behind the formula and the goodness of the product are bound to raise the status of the ALTA CARE Laboratoire brand, the prices of which, notwithstanding all, are very accessible. So quality does not always necessarily mean prohibition!!!




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