The concept of beauty is related to a specific time and place. Yet presently, in western society, the criteria that determine someone as being beautiful are very restrictive; a beautiful woman has to be perfect in line, toning of body, features and elegance. Regulations regarding beauty and body features are necessary because the parameters are in constant change, depending on time and ethnicity. Regarding all this, various companies in the cosmetic and well-being sector set their own rules and carry out studies on facial and body features, on the definition of beauty. They also organize seminars during which these parameters are illustrated and discussed.

The criteria of valuation are from time to time updated; new data and new measures are continually introduced to improve the aesthetic valuation of the body, the face, countenance; even the smile.

The splendid winter resort of Courmayeur was the venue where ALTA CARE Laboratoires carried out its studies to define the protocol of beauty, body features, including facial ones, as well as the smile. Various models were asked to participate in this exercise; they were asked to pose for the well known photographic team lead by Claudio Porcarelli ( ). The set of shots was made use of  by the ALTA CARE Laboratoires team when it came to defining the beauty protocols of what beauty is, both in general terms as well as regarding detail (smile, facial and body criteria).

Amongst the guests for this event were the beauties Elenoire Casalegno ( and Katia Zandarin. DJ Ringo entertained the guests both with his music and games in which all the participants of the meeting gladly took part. Once again luxury and professionalism of ALTA CARE Laboratioires were very much evident in this event that combined study, beauty protocols and entertainment in the exclusive environment of snowy Courmayeur.

In this research, beauty is putting itself at the service of aesthetics and pharmaceutics, and not aesthetics and pharmaceutics at the service of beauty.




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