Advertising is nowadays an indispensable means with which to make an impact on the market at large. Companies resort to advertising of every type imaginable and make use of a substantial  percentage of their resources in order to boost their share of the market.

Bill-boards at the roadside undoubtedly play a fundamental role in the politics of business-marketing. How can we resist glancing at the huge bill-board at the roadside when our car comes to a standstill at the traffic-lights? Nevertheless such enormous bill-boards, especially those 6x3 metres, besides being an eye-sore, are definitely very hazardous. For this very reason new European laws intended to eliminate bill-boards of this size are about to be approved. Legislators have come to the conclusion that such bill-boards are dangerous because they distract the driver and thus may cause serious accidents on the road. Laws that are still being amended will on the other hand permit advertising installations on a much smaller scale.

The French company ALTA CARE Laboratoires, in order to be in line with future European laws, has decided to invest in roadside advertising installations of a moderate size, 2x1 metres; for the time being in Rome. These installations are stylish, retro-illuminated and demonstrate once again   that  ALTA CARE Laboratoires gives particular attention to detail when advertising its luxury goods.   




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