The world of information technology is developing rapidly and constantly, so much so that companies are being supplied with technologies that are capable of performing incredible tasks. Many companies are thus making use of such technologies to update their web-site. Yet, nowadays, only a few of the companies that trade in such a wide variety of goods are capable of showing their products on line in 3D and with a 360° rotation. An internet user in search of information about products has now the possibility of visiting certain sites where it is possible to visualize each product in 3D; the design, the colours, and every detail are thus highlighted by means of such a vision. The user may thus enjoy a 360° panoramic view of the product with the result that he seems to be actually handling the product in the shop itself.

These 3D images are still not very easy to come across. Very few are the sites that have such a technology at their disposal. Very often it’s large companies like, for example, Sony. Being within the information technology sector, Sony is capable of producing and distributing such electronic software. A user may easily gain the benefits of 3D vision on his or her computer. Not only can he or she read information and details of a particular product, but also get to know every minute detail and characteristic of every facet of the product; this with the help of the 360° rotation.

In the field of cosmetics and well-being ALTA CARE Laboratoires has been one of the first companies to present all its range of products on its web-site in 3D, with a 360° rotation. Any user that visits the site of ALTA CARE Laboratoires, a multinational that specializes in the production and distribution of well-being products, cosmetics, integrators, multivitamins and medical devices, has the legitimate right to analyze a product in 3D with a 360° rotation before acquiring it directly on line, or from shops and pharmacies, where the products are available.

Unlike Sony, the web-site of which,, shows images in 3D with a two-mode rotation, horizontal and vertical, ALTA CARE Laboratoires has decided to show its products in 3D differently; a command that rotates the product 360° horizontally and another command that zooms in and out on an image thus allowing the user to read the printed text on the package and hence obtain not only a panoramic view of the box but also get to know every detail of the contents, the shape, the ingredients and the directions of use of the product. Since the products concerned are for daily use ALTA CARE Laboratoires has inserted the zoom command to provide the user with a more correct vision  thus ensuring that the user gets to know the products of interest to him in the most simple and clear way.

In the very near future many companies will surely be following the example of Sony and ALTA CARE Laboratoires by inserting in their web-sites products in 3D with a 360° rotation on line. Virtually a client will be handling the products!




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