Due to worldwide awareness of influenza, ALTACURA quickly became one of ALTA CARE Laboratoires’ best selling products soon after its launch. Cold & Flu preparation Altacura Sublingual Tablets are expected to be again ALTA CARE Laboratoires best seller next winter. ALTACURA Sublingual Tablets hit the influenza before it hits you. ALTACURA Sublingual Tablets, unlike many other Cold and Flu preparations, are not symptomatic but as studies have shown, they treat the underlying cause by fighting the virus by means of the lysozyme. The Propolis and Vitamin C protect further the throat against secondary infections caused by bacteria. The fact that the ALTACURA tablets are sublingual means more rapid onset of action than capsules and tablets.

In cases when it is important to treat also the symptoms ALTACURA Syrup helps to relieve the symptoms of cough and congestion. This propolis based syrup also contains 1000mg of vitamin C in every tablespoon.




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