Days are becoming shorter, temperatures are lowering, shops and offices are reopening, cities are getting crowded, no more holidays, it’s becoming stressful both in the mornings and afternoons; and the energy recuperated during the summer holidays is beginning to dwindle. Returning back to work and to the monotonous routine is for most of us, more or less, traumatic. In some way the beach or the mountains, the city tour with its works of art or any other distraction that has been sought to get away from the sluggish routine may have helped us to relax and improve our mood. Yet, the sudden impact with the former daily tasks often gives rise to a stressing feeling right from the very first day of work.

 Pure Ginseng for energy and dash

ALTA CARE Laboratoires has launched on the market ALTACURA Ginseng Capsule, a product that may help you to maintain the correct energy levels necessary to face the normal practices and routine on returning to work. Each capsule contains 400mg Panax 100% pure ginseng (4 times stronger than the other ginseng on the market). No additives, no excipients, only concentrated ginseng, that will help you, in a natural way, get into a good mood and encounter in a lively way all those activities that you stopped doing during the summer.

More energy = better mood

It is very important, if not essential, that one kicks off in good shape. So long as you are on holiday everything is fine; you may rest and enjoy yourself. But on your return home a very small task will be enough to make you feel already exhausted. It is a known fact that tiredness leads to a bad mood and this is surely not the way to start a year’s work. ALTACURA Ginseng will help you retrieve the energy that your organism needs to tackle in the best possible way your heavy schedule right from the very first day of work. More energy will bring about better capabilities to face the difficulties that will crop up, more dash and dynamism, and eventually a better mood.

A capsule a day to reactivate the metabolism

The Ginseng in Altacura Capsule contains ginsenosides capable of reactivating in a natural way your metabolism. One capsule a day, in the morning, will mean that you won’t have to visit your doctor right from September, when the daily routine has become already so hectic that you will feel tired right from the start. Whether in a box with a blister of 20 capsules or in 2 bottles of 60 capsules, ALTACURA Ginseng may be easily carried in a bag, or if you travel often to work, make sure that you have it in your suitcase. Make sure of a daily dose to start off your new working year in a great way.




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