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03 - Dermastir Caviar Night Cream

€ 88.00
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Volume: 0.000913376
Weight: 227 grms

50 ml



DERMASTIR CAVIAR NIGHT CREAM is innovative technology by Alta Care Laboratoires is a specific night cream with multiple action: redefines the features of the face, overwhelms expression wrinkles and attenuates micro-wrinkles. This luxurious cream, with precious nourishing caviar extracts, is enriched with specific night detoxifying and draining elements: algae extracts, phyto-extracts and oligo-elements. The morning following night application, the features of the face are more extended, the skin is more compact, smoother, denser and visibly younger. Since the caviar is stored in airless conditions the caviar although very prone to oxidation will reach the skin intact.


The ingredients in the Dermastir night cream are constantly kept in an airless packaging to prevent oxidization and contamination by contact with the air and environmental pollutants. By using the actuator pump that is found at the top of the flick jar, only the desired amount of cream is made available to the user for application on the skin, the rest of the content remains stored in the vacuum within, out of harms reach. This guarantees good efficacy right to the very end of use of the ingredients. More often than not creams on the market are sold in tubes or jars with screwed on caps or lids. This results in the exposure of the ingredients every time the container is made use of, with the result that the ingredients lose much of their efficacy.


Apply at night on cleansed skin of face, neck and decollete with a light massage until complete absorbtion.






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