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04 - Silvia Osteo Plus Tablets

€ 8.50
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Volume: 0.00031725
Weight: 62 grms
40 Tablets

SILVIA® OSTEO PLUS with tricalcium phophate is especially recommended for adolescents, women above the age of 50 and those who do not consume dairy products. SILVIA® OSTEO PLUS is a source of calcium for people who would not get enough calcium otherwise; the product contains the alga Lithothamnium which helps in maintaining the remineralisation, development and strengthening of the bones. Vitamin D3 acts as a catalyst to supplement the bone trophism.
Clients in pharmacies have 52 CALCIUM SALTS to chose from - ALTA CARE LABORATOIRES chose TRICALCIUM PHOSPHATE to produce Silvia Osteo since calcium is the most important mineral in bones and phosphorus is the second most import mineral in the bones.
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Tricalcium phosphate also has the advantage that it is highly bioavailable because the tricalcium phosphate does not cake unlike the other calcium compounds. Alta Care Laboratoires emphasizes the importance of making sure that tricalcium phosphate is chosen in pharmacies as the supplement of choice for optimum well being of the bones. 



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