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09 - Silvia Day & Night Skincare Ampoules


20 ampoulesx3ml




Silvia Day & Night Skincare Ampoules were launched in pharmacies with the intention to be the leading luxury skincare product to be recommended by pharmacists since it compliments the Silvia Women formula multivitamins and supplements available from pharmacies only.


Silvia Day & Night skincare ampoules are luxury ampoules with pharmaceutical quality ingredients that are specific for women. When applied to the face the ingredients in the Silvia day ampoules prevent wrinkling and aging of the skin. The Silvia night ampoules have ingredients with repairing properties.


The Silvia day skincare ampoule is light pink in colour and has a moisturising action and it also protects the skin against pollutants and free radicals.


The Silvia night skincare ampoule is light blue in colour with ingredients that repair by acting on the expression lines since there are ingredients that give the skin a "botox" effect. The Silvia night skincare ampoules apart from having anti age properties have strong repairing activity.


One ampoule to be applied respectively in the morning and the evening every 7 days. It is also possible to apply the ampoule once every 3 days in cases when added protection is needed. The Silvia Day & Night Skincare ampoules consist of 10 day skincare 3ml ampoules and 10 night skincare 3ml ampoules.






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