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02 - Dermastir Gold - Luxury collection 35ml

€ 188.00

Volume: 0.0005402
Weight: 155 grms
35 ml



Dermastir gold by Alta Care Laboratoires was produced with 24 carat gold in a hydrating serum. Gold has been used by Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt and is one of the softest metals which makes it easily absorbed beyond the skin’s surface. The gold in Dermastir Gold is visible to the human eye and one can clearly see the gold penetrate into the skin. Dermastir is important to the skin because it remineralises the skin. Dermastir gold is being used internationally by make up artists to hydrate the skin before make up. The gold gives a different shine, radiance and colour to the skin. The Dermastir gold that is applied before the make up has chemical and physical properties that help to keep the make up compact for longer time on the skin. The gold will help to finish the make up with a flawless finish.

Dermastir gold serum is presented as a unique combination of luxury ingredients of caviar, glucosamine and alghae in a moisturizing gel. Exclusive jojoba esters covered in pure gold are also visible when applying the gel onto the skin. In some countries the Dermastir gold serum is presented with 24 carat gold sheets that are in the pure form and not in combination to the jojoba esters.   


The gold visibly penetrates into the skin and this gives cellular radiance and shine to the face. Dermastir Gold also has regenerating and repairing properties because of the combination of caviar, glucosamine and alghae.







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