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J15- Dermastir Peel Off Mask - Myorelax Gypsum

€ 14.50

Volume: 0.00112288
Weight: 181 grms

220g of powder.




This DERMASTIR Peel Off myorelax gypsum mask contains myorelaxation properties with a re-mineralising and draining effect. Dose: 220g of powder and 110ml of water at 20 degrees Celsius. The Dermastir gypsum mask is extremely occlusive and it can be classified as the most occlusive mask when compared to the peel off masks and the wash off masks. The gypsum mask has myorelaxation properties and the serums applied penetrate deep into the skin at high concentrations because there is very low trans epidermal water loss.


Pour all water at once on the powder, stir quickly and vigorously during one minute to get a homogeneous paste. It is very important to cover the face with a wet gauze preferably soaked in Dermastir serums before applying the Dermastir gypsum mask. Cotton disks should be applied over the eyes and the lips for added protection The mask is left on for up to 20 minutes.
Apply the paste immediately to the face and cover all the face except the nostrils. Leave the mask to perform at least 20 minutes.
Then remove it by peeling off in one whole piece.
Eliminate the eventual residue by massaging with a Dermastir serum.


This product is not for home use but it is intended for professional use since expert hands are required. The Dermastir peel off myorelax gypsum mask is pink in colour.





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