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10 - Altadrine 3 month slimming pack

€ 220.00

The Altadrine 3 month slimming pack was designed not only to give an economical advantage to the client but also to guarantee that 3 months of fat burning treatment is followed. Several times people buy one box per month due to cash flow problems. These cash flow problems end up with the client forgetting to buy the product on time and therefore the course is discontinued. Alta Care Laboratoires discounts 50 euros on this package to compensate for this cash flow injection in the beginning of the course. Free shipping is also being offered to whoever buys this 3 month slimming package. Buying a 3 month Altadrine package is the first step forward to set a target of 3 months to get slim in a safe way.  


The Altadrine 3 month slimming pack is mainly a fat burning programme with the aim of burning down fat and weight control. The Altadrine 3 month slimming pack consists of

•    3 boxes of Altadrine fat burner tablets. There are a total of 180 tablets that have to be taken 2 tablets once daily in the morning.

•    3 boxes of Altadrine appetite control. There are a total of 90 liquid capsules. One liquid capsule has to be taken 3-4 hours after lunch to arrive to dinner less hungry and with less craving.

•    91 sachets of Altadrine thalasso drink. One sachet has to be mixed with 1-2 litres of water and it has to be drunk during the day for a fat burning effect, detox and draining effect.   


Results are immediate and from the first day one will notice that you wake up with more energy. The energy is because the body fat is burnt down in energy which makes you wake up with more energy. Altadrine slimming programme helps you burn down fat with less difficulty while still maintaining a varied diet of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. No starvation method is necessary and Altadrine helps to burn and drain away fat and excess water.     


The Altadrine fat burners contains citrus aurantium (6% synephrine) which is an ingredient that burns down body fat. They Altadrine fat burners work directly on the body fat without the risk of any side effects if taken in the correct dosage.


The Altadrine appetite control liquid capsules help you arrive to dinner less hungry.


The Altadrine thalasso drink is an important detox drink that drains away water retention and burns down fat. Most tisanes drain water and the electrolytes from the body. Altadrine thalasso drains water and electrolytes (Magnesium, Potassium , Sodium) but does unlike in tisanes the electrolytes are restored to the body.  


The Altadrine 3 month slimming pack costs 220 euros instead of 245 euros.




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