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02 - Altadrine Fat Burner Tablets for Men


60 Tablets



Altadrine fat burners are 100% pure body fat burning tablets containing 6% of synephrine.  Weight loss and fat burning is immediate. Body fat burnt is converted into energy resulting in one’s waking up full of energy. Altadrine fat burners act on body fat while fat blockers act on the fat of the food.


It is important that one understands this difference between fat burners and fat blockers. In pharmacies one finds a lot of products that have fat blocking effect but few products like Altadrine that are body fat burners. 


The synephrine is extracted from citrus aurantium known as the "seville orange". The synephrine acts on the beta 3 receptors that are found on the adipoctyes (fatty cells). The fat inside the adipocytes is converted into ATP energy according to the Krebs cycle. 1g of fat is converted into 9 ATP. When one is taking Altadrine fat burners one will note that he or she will wake up with more energy. This energy is known as energy released by ATP and it is different from stimulant energy that is only temporary.   

• Altadrine fat burner acts directly on the the body fat and most competing products do not act directly on the body fat. Safe body fat burners are becoming rare to find on the market
• The body fat burnt is converted into energy which makes you wake up full of energy.
• Can be combined with Altadrine thalasso drink
• No reported side effects or interaction if one week break has been respected between one Altadrine box and the other
• No rebound or yo-yo effect
• Made in France
• Good value for money
• Does not contain banned ingredients like ephedrine that can be used in fat burning
The synephrine acts on the Beta 3 receptors of the fatty cells and it breaks down fat according to the Krebs cycle. 1g fat is broken into 9 ATP
► Citrus Aurantium (6% synephrine) → Activates lipolysis
◘  Guarana (12% Caffeine) → Activates lipolysis
Lactoserum Protein → Activates muscle protein synthesis
Magnesium → Has a role in protein synthesis
Vitamin C → Metabolic activator
Zinc & Vitamin B5 → Metabolic activator
Patients undergoing a weight loss program, patients that do not do exercise, sportsmen who want to increase their performance, bodybuilders who want to increase the cut of their muscles, diabetic patients.
1 tablet twice a day with a large glass of water for 1 month. Respect a one week break between one course and another.
Intensive treatment : 2 tablets twice a day. Respect one week break even during intensive treatment or as advised by your physician or pharmacist.


• Consult your doctor before taking Altadrine tablets if you suffer from high blood pressure.
• Store in a cool place.
Not suitable for women who are pregnant or breast feeding or children under 12 years without medical advice.







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