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08 - Altadrine Fat Burner - Cryogel

1 Bottle of 200ml


Freeze your cellulite away with Altadrine fat burner cryogel. Treat the problems of cellulite and water-retention by burning the fat and activating the microcirculation. Some areas of the body have a tendency to accumulate fat (abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks) and this is where Altadrine cryogel acts.

• The cold effect of the cryogel is very effective when applied and the cold sensation is felt immediately and for a long time when compared to competitors
• Very good value for money
• A 2 in 1 treatment to treat the problems of cellulite and water-retention
• Extracts enhancing microcirculation, diminishing the circumference of the thighs and cutting out muscles.
• The anti cellulite activator + Pure Caffeine + citrus aurantium, to enhance burning and destock of fat deposits.
• Stem cells capable of stimulating the secretion of the protein that burns and destocks fat.
• Efficacy Clinically Tested: Imperfections caused by cellulite visibly reduced. The silhouette is significantly refined; Altadrine Gel cuts out muscles.
► Citrus aurantium → Converts fat into energy
◘ Caffeine → Converts fat into energy
Aesculus hippocastanum → Strengthening veins and capillaries
Stem cells → Stimulates the secretion of the protein that burns and destocks fat
Patients suffering from cellulite (effective on the 3 types of cellulite) and water-retention problems.
Massage the interested zone until complete absorption of the product. The cold sensation felt at the treated areas is due to the cryogenic action of the gel that enhances the absorption of the ingredients. A continuous use will help one to obtain significant results within 3-4 weeks, depending on the extent of the aesthetic imperfection and one's personal reaction to the product.




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