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03- Dermastir Luxury - Blue Lotus Stem Cells Ampoule

10 x 2 ml
Dermastir blue lotus stem cells serum help to regenerate and smoothen the skin by fighting against glycation (a phenomenon preventing the renewal of collagen and elastin fibers) thereby contributing to cell’s balance while tightening skin. The resurrection of the five thousand year old "Super Flower Elixir" of the Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs, known as: "The Flower of Immortality that contained the Elixir of Life". 
The skincare properties of the blue lotus flower contain health giving phytosterols, powerful antioxidants, bioflavonoids and phosphodiesterase inhibitors.
The Secret of the Pharaohs 
Blue Lotus Flowers were found scattered all over Tutankhamen's body when the Pharaoh's tomb was opened in 1922. Blue Lotus is often depicted in Egyptian Art held in the hands of the gods and royalty. The Blue Lotus flower is the most common image found in the tombs and temple walls in the great pyramids of Egypt. It is said to be the Soma of the Egyptians symbolizing life and rebirth. It was found to be traditionally and effectively used, to regenerate, relieve inflammation and to increase circulation. The Blue Lotus elixir has often been referred to as the "Egyptian Fountain of Youth". Experience for yourself with Dermastir Blue Lotus serum what the Pharaoh's knew and kept for themselves. "The Magical Botanical".
Break the top of the skincare ampoule. Distribute the precious serum directly on the skin or mix in a cream or in a mask. Massage delicately on the interested areas until completely absorbed.
Normal Programme - Phase 1 : Apply one skincare ampoule every seven days for a month - Phase 2 : To consolidate the obtained results repeat phase 1.
Intensive Programme -Phase 1 : Apply one skincare ampoule every three days  for a month - Phase 2 : To consolidate the obtained results repeat phase 1. 



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