Product List/Dermastir Luxury

01 - Dermastir Luxury Wrinkle Filler

Dermastir Wrinkle Filler is an instant anti-wrinkle treatment with a dual action: a filling action that fills the wrinkle, and the myorelaxing action that can relax wrinkles. Dermastir Wrinkle Filler is able to relax and smooth out both superficial and deep facial wrinkles. Dermastir Wrinkle Filler reduces expression lines and wrinkles immediately after application;

02 - Dermastir Gold - Luxury collection 35ml

Dermastir gold by Alta Care Laboratoires was produced with 24 carat gold in a hydrating serum. Gold has been used by Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt and is one of the softest metals which makes it easily absorbed beyond the skin's surface. The gold in Dermastir Gold is visible to the human eye and one can clearly see the gold penetrate into the skin. Dermastir is important to the skin because it remineralises the skin.

03 - Dermastir Hydraceutic Cream

Dermastir Hydraceutic is a hydrating cream that retains its hydrating power at a maximum because the hydrating ingredients are protected in a vacuum flasked airless packaging. Ingredients with a high anti-oxidant power shield the skin from dehydration and free radicals. Dermastir Hydraceutic combines inner hydration with outer protection of the epidermal skin.




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