Product List/Aesthetic Machinery


ALTADRINE BODYSHAPER is an aesthetic machinery produced by ALTA CARE Laboratoires for cases of water retention and water accumulation in the legs and in the abdomen.


ALTADRINE CELLULOGY is a cellulite treatment studied particularly for the aspiration and elimination of the inestetisms of cellulite and to reduce localised adiposity. The success of the results is confirmed by clinical studies and scientific tests: after a few applications improvement is significant and this concerns all the problems linked to the inestetisms of the body.


ALTADRINE PHYSIOPULSAR is an equipment for electro-stimulation, extraordinarily innovative to drain, model and tone up male and female body muscles. It is excellent to defined the silhouette and to satisfy every wellness and vitality need.


Dermastir Elettra is an all-in-one machine, with 4 different high frequency electrodes to facilitate the treatment of different areas of face, scalp and body. Designed for professional use in medical spas and aesthetic clinics, Dermastir Elettra is a space-saving, safe and effective device that is also suitable for home use.


DERMASTIR ENERGIZER is a high frequency wave generator. Dermastir Energizer is mainly used by Alta Care Laboratoires to penetrate the Dermastir ampoules deeper into the skin. Energy is transmitted onto the skin, which increases the respiration of tissues favouring lymphatic metabolism.


DERMASTIR HYDROTONER is an aesthetic equipment used for lifting using ionophoresis and electro-stimulation to hydrate and tone the skin. The galvanic current generated by the Dermastir hydrotoner creates a lifting effect on the face when used in combination with serum.


Dermastir microdermabrasion with crystals is an aesthetic treatment that helps one to solve many facial problems like, stretchmarks, pigmentation, dilated pores, sagging skin, fine wrinkles, scars and acne. By means of a mechanical movement and a deep but delicate exfoliation of the upper layer of the epidermis, microdermaabrasion with Dermastir crystals renews, in an efficacious and painless way, the skin, making it more compact and bright.ndola compatta e luminosa.


DERMASTIR OXY is an innovative facial liftng aesthetic machinery, using low frequency ultrasounds emission that removes the upper layers of the skin, leads in cosmetic products and regenerates tissues through a stimulating micro-massage.


DERMASTIR STIMOPEELING is an equipment studied for deep cleansing of skin by microdermabrasion using electrical, physical and mechanical brush movements.


EPIL CARE is an equipment for electrocoagulant epilation by using electromagnetic waves with R.F. and blend for a lasting epilation. Dermastir epilcare removes the hair by thermolysis. Thermolysis is better than electrolysis because it does not cause irreversible damage, it does not need an expert hand and it is not painful like electrolysis.


VAPOZONE UV SYSTEM is a vaporizer supported by a trolley, with adjustable height and a rigid arm bent toward its extreme end where there is a hole for the release of vapour; it can be comfortably adjusted and the vapour is complimented with ozone. The vapour helps deep cleansing while the ozone has disinfecting properties.


VENALTA PODOSYSTEM is an equipment for manicure, pedicure and podologic use and for hand care.


VENALTA PRESSO is the aesthetic machinery for peristaltic sectoral pressure-therapy, that offers an exclusive and advanced system of lymphodrainage.


VENALTA SYSTEM uses 3 MHz ultrasound to improve the well being of the circulation in the back and the legs. Main effects of Venalta system are: better blood circulation with muscles and skin tone improvement; muscle relaxation; increase of tissue regenerative power; metabolic liquids and slags removal.




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