Product List/Dermastir Skincare Ampoules

01 - Dermastir Ampoules - Zinc Gluconate Care

Zinc gluconate is the salt of gluconate and zinc II. It is an ionic compound consisting of two moles of gluconate for each mole of zinc. Zinc is an important element that is found in every cell in the body. More than 300 enzymes in the body need zinc in order to function properly. Although the amount of zinc we need in our daily diet is tiny, it's very important that we get it.

02 - Dermastir Ampoules - Glycolic Acid Care

Cosmetic ampoule with glycolic acid and moisturising ingredients that helps eliminate dead skin cells and cutaneous spots. Recommended for oily skin.

03 - Dermastir Ampoules - Amino Acid

Dermastir Amino Acids skincare ampoules are absorbed quickly in high concentrations into the skin, combating signs of ageing such as wrinkles and fine lines. Amino Acids are protein substrates and regulators of protein metabolism that are daily important for humans. Amino Acids are also important natural moisturizing factors (NMF) in the stratum corneum.

04 - Dermastir Ampoules - EGF

Epidermal growth factor EGF was discovered by Stanley Cohen and Rita Levi-Motalcini in 1986. They received a Nobel Prize in Medicine for this EGF research. The primary action of EGF serum is to promote cell growth by re-energizing fading cellular mechanisms and also by stimulating the cellular regeneration process.

05 - Dermastir Ampoules - A.H.A.

Cosmetic ampoule with lactic, malic and citric acids; exfoliating effect that prevents wrinkles' formation. For oily skin.

06 - Dermastir Ampoules - Chamomile Care

Chamomile cosmetic ampoule with softening and soothing action on sensitive skins. Dermastir camomile serum is used often in relaxing aromatherapy massages.

07 - Dermastir Ampoules - Apricot Care

Cosmetic ampoule with extract of apricot with hydrating, softening and toning properties. Suitable for all skin types.

08 - Dermastir Ampoules - Ginseng Care

Cosmetic ampoule with ginseng extracts that help the skin keeps it's natural, healthy glow.

09 - Dermastir Ampoules - Karite (Shea Butter) Care

Cosmetic ampoule with shea butter extracts rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids; nourishing effect. Recommended for dry skin.

10 - Dermastir Ampoules - Retinol Treatment

Retinol cosmetic ampoule with strengthening and anti-ageing action especially for mature skins and acne.

11 - Dermastir Ampoules - Royal Jelly Care

Cosmetic ampoule with royal jelly extracts rich in vitamins that rebalance dry or stressed skins. Improves hair & nail strength.

12 - Dermastir Ampoules - Witch Hazel Care

Dermastir Witch Hazel Ampoules were launched with the intention to be the leading luxury skincare product to be recommended for oily and combination skin.

13 - Dermastir Ampoules - Super Moisturizing Care

Cosmetic ampoule with moisturising and lifting ingredients that gives immediate lifting effect to the skin.

14 - Dermastir Ampoules - Anti Wrinkles Treatment

Cosmetic ampoule with lifting ingredients; lifting effect that decreases the formation of wrinkles.

15 - Dermastir Ampoules - Azulen Care

Azulen cosmetic ampoule has concentrated antiseptic properties presented in a moisturising and anti-inflammatory base for dry and sensitive skins.

16 - Dermastir Ampoules - Rapid Beauty

Cosmetic ampoule with quick moisturising action; immediate lifting effect.

17 - Dermastir Ampoules - Chinese Mandarin Care

Cosmetic ampoule with Chinese mandarin extracts that improve skin elasticity with anti-ageing action. Suitable for inestetisms of all skin types. Mandarin has been used in ancient China for centuries; Mandarin apart stimulates the micro-circulation, the lymph and it has also properties that stimulate the synthesis of collagen fibres. In unhealthy tissue, the micro-circulation of both blood and lymph has been disrupted by constricted and loss of dermal capillary networks.

18 - Dermastir Ampoules - Cells Booster Care

Cosmetic ampoule with essential nourishing ingredients; reduces puffiness around the eye area. Recommended for damaged or sensitive skins.

19 - Dermastir Ampoules - Cacao Treatment

Cosmetic ampoule with cacao extracts that fights free radicals; barrier effect against stress and pollution. Very high moisturising properties.

20 - Dermastir Ampoules - Calendula Care

Calendula cosmetic ampoule with softening and soothing action on sensitive skins.

21 - Dermastir Ampoules - Camphor Care

Cosmetic ampoule with camphor extracts that dries oily skins; purifying effect.

22 - Dermastir Ampoules - Marine Extract Care

Cosmetic ampoule with marine extracts with protecting, moisturising and renovating action on the skin. Suitable for all skin types.

23 - Dermastir Serum - Moisturizing Complex Care

Skincare ampoule with moisturising ingredients that protect the skin reducing dehydration. The cornflower extract and the linden extract in a moisturising base is recommended for dry skin conditions.

24 - Dermastir Ampoules - Eye Care

The Dermastir Eye Care ampoules are a moisturizing and toning treatment, specifically for the eye area, this being the most delicate area of the face. Dark circles around the eyes are a very common and ugly skin sign that occurs due to excessive fatigue, inflammation, incorrect sun exposure, smoking, and poor eating habits. The serum, carefully preserved in glass single-use ampoules, minimizes deep wrinkles around the eyes by filling them; it smoothens the skin, relaxes one’s facial look and counteracts eye-bags and the dark circles around the eyes.




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