Product List/Professional Salon Range

Dermastir Peel Off Mask - Myorelax Gypsum (DSM07)

This DERMASTIR peel off myorelax gypsum mask contains myorelaxation properties with a re-mineralising and draining effect. Dose: 220g of powder and 110ml of water at 20 degrees Celsius. It is very important to cover the face with a wet gauze preferably soaked in serums before applying the Dermastir gypsum mask. The mask is left on for up to 20 minutes.


Dermastir Twisters - Co Q10

The Dermastir twister with co.enzyme Q10 serum is presented in a shiny opaque pink softgel. Co.enzyme twister with Co Q10 with natural defence action against skin ageing. Co.enzyme Q10 has concentrates that at cellular level improve the release of oxygen in the cells.


Dermastir Twisters - Eye & Lip Contour

The Dermastir Eye and Lips Contour serum is presented in a shiny opaque softgel. This high performance, anti-ageing eye and lip serum is based on a purified extract derived from padina pavonica, a particular brown algae with an effective protective softgel. Like its active ingredient, Dermastir eye and lip contour protects and improves the delicate skin around the eyes and lips, strengthening the natural defence system against free radicals and everyday irritants, like stress and pollution.


Dermastir Twisters - Retinol & Squalane

The Dermastir twisters with the retinol and squalane serum combination are presented in a transparent clear softgel. Very innovative, this smooth, transparent gel is silicon based, giving the skin a silky, slightly powdered finish. This enriched anti-wrinkle fluid features retinol (vitamin A), squalane, and white tea extract for calm, firm and radiant skin. This retinol and squalane combination has been proven not to be only excellent to smoothen wrinkles but also in cases of skin pigmentation.

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