Beauty Treatment Videos

GT001TV - Dermastir Eye Contour Gel Treatment
GT002TV - Dermastir Eye Contour Post-Op Filler Treatment
GT003TV - Dermastir Caviar Day Cream SPF30+ Treatment
GT004TV - Dermastir Multirepair Mattifying Toner Treatment
GT005TV - Dermastir Multienzyme Milk Cleanser Treatment
GT006TV - Dermastir Twisters Co. Q10 Treatment
GT007TV - Dermastir Auto-Dropper Resurfacing Post-Op Treatment
GT008TV - Dermastir Auto-Dropper Redness Neutralizer Treatment
GT009TV - Dermastir Pre-Op Heating Exfoliating Mask Treatment
GT009TV2 - Facial Kabuki Brush Massage
GT010TV - Facial Cleansing with Vapozone UV System Treatment
GT011TV - Dermastir Droppers Resurfacing Post-Op Treatment
GT012TV - Dermastir Post-OP Bio-Cellular Face Mask Retexturizing Skin Tissue Treatment
GT013TV - Dermastir Night Cream and Dermastir Post-Filler Collagen Treatment
GT014TV - Dermastir Luxury Collagen Skincare Ampoule Treatment
GT015TV - Dermastir Luxury Diamond Skincare Ampoule Application
GT016TV - Dermastir Auto Dropper Rich Nutrition Treatment
GT017TV - Ultrasound facial lifting with Dermastir Oxy Treatment
GT018TV - Dermastir Dropper Redness Neutralizer Treatment
GT019TV - Dermastir Microdermabrasion Treatment
GT020TV - Dermastir Luxury Vitamin C skincare ampoule Treatment
GT021TV - Dermastir Luxury Blue Lotus Stem Cells Ampoule Treatment
GT022TV - Dermastir Peel Off Mask Eye Contour Treatment
GT023TV - Dermastir Peel Off Mask Vitamin C Treatment
GT024TV - Dermastir Peel Off Mask Whitening Treatmen
GT025TV - Altadrine Slimming Cryo Body Wrap Treatment



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